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Supporting SAP

SAP R/3 Books List (ABAP, Basis, Functional)

SAP Training CD ROMs
Computer Based Training on SAP Functional, Basis Administration and ABAP/4 Programming

Understanding SAP
Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (2nd Edition)
SAP R/3 for Everyone : Step-by-Step Instructions, Practical Advice, and Other Tips and Tricks for Working with SAP
Getting Started With Sap R/3 (Prima Techs Sap Book Series)
Anticipating Change: Secrets Behind the SAP Empire
Experience SAP
Flying Start SAP(R) R/3(R): A Guide to Get You Up and Running
The Whirlwind Series of SAP: In the Path of the Whirlwind: An Apprentice Guide to SAP
SAP: An Executive's Comprehensive Guide
SAP(R) Process, Analyze and Understand SAP(R) Processes with Knowledge Maps
Special Edition Using Sap R/3: The Most Complete Reference (Special Edition Using SAP R/3)
Xylem Structure and the Ascent of Sap
SAP: Inside the Secret Software Power
SAP IT Service & Application Management

Implementing SAP
Sap R/3 Implementation: Methods and Tools
Implementing SAP R/3: The Guide for Business and Technology Managers (Other Programming)
SAP Planning: Best Practices in Implementation
SAP(R) R/3 Implementation Guide
Successful SAP R/3 Implementation: Practical Management of ERP Projects
Implementing Sap R/3 : How to Introduce a Large System into a Large Organization, 2nd Edition
Enterprise Management with SAP SEM / Business Analytics
Why ERP? A Primer on SAP Implementation
Capturing the whirlwind : your field guide for a successful SAP implementation
Getting Maximum Value from SAP R/3

Dynamic, Accelerated SAP Implementation
Dynamic Implementation of SAP(R) R/3(R)
Asap Implementation at the Speed of Business: Implementation at the Speed of Business (Sap)
Implementing Sap With an Asap Methodology Focus
Preconfigured Client Made Easy 4.6C

SAP Business
SAP Blue Book, A Concise Business Guide to the World of SAP
Sap R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding the Business Process Reference Model
What Every Business Needs to Know About SAP (Prima Tech's SAP Book Series)
SAP R/3 Business Blueprint - The Complete Video Course

Supporting SAP
SAP Service and Support
Supporting Sap R/3

SAP Quick Reference
Common Sap R/3 Functions Manual (Springer Professional Computing)
Instant Access: SAP, Reference Card of R/3

SAP Career
Five Steps to an Sap Career: Your Guide to Getting into Sap

SAP Consultant
SAP Consultant Handbook
Becoming an SAP Consultant
The Sap Consultant Handbook: Your Sourcebook to Lasting Success in an Sap Consulting Career

SAP Data Migration Tools
Migrating Your SAP Data
Data Transfer Made Easy 4.0B/4.5x
Testing SAP(R) R/3(R) Systems: Using the Computer Aided Test Tool

SAP Reporting Tools
SAP Query Reporting
SAP R/3 Reporting Made Easy, 4.6C:Fundamentals and Development Tools
Reporting Made Easy Guidebook series, Release 4.0B
SAP R/3 Reporting Made Easy: 4.6C SET
SAP R/3 Reporting & eBusiness Intelligence
Afp Printing for Sap Using R/3 and R/2

Internet Technology of SAP
The E-Business Workplace: Discovering the Power of Enterprise Portals
Roadmap to Industry Solutions: New Strategies for Success with SAP's Industry Business Units
SAP R/3 Reporting & eBusiness Intelligence
The SAP R/3 on the Internet
Online Store Made Easy 4.6B ¿ Accelerated Internet Selling
E-Business and ERP: Transforming the Enterprise

SAP Workflow
SAP Workflow Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
Practical Workflow for SAP - Effective Business Processes using SAP's WebFlow Engine
Workflow Management With Sap Webflow: A Practical Manual
Optimising Business Performance With Standard Software Systems: How to Reorganise Workflows by Chance of Implementing New Erp-Systems (Sap, Baan, Peoplesoft, Navision ...) or New Releases

ABAP Certification
SAP ABAP Certification Review: SAP ABAP Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
ABAP Programming: A Guide to the Certification Course

Introduction to ABAP/4 Programming for SAP, Revised and Expanded Edition
Developing Sap's R/3 Applications With Abap/4
ABAP/4, Second Edition: Programming the SAP(R) R/3(R) System
The Official ABAP Reference

Advanced ABAP Programming
Advanced ABAP Programming for SAP
Enhancing the Quality of ABAP Development
SAP Interface Programming

ABAP Data Dictionary and Quick Reference
Software Development for Sap R/3: Data Dictionary, Abap/4, Interfaces
Sap Abap Command Reference
ABAP Language Quick-Reference

SAP ABAP Objects
ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications with CDROM
ABAP Objects Reference Book

SAPscript Made Easy 4.6

SAP Smart Forms

SAP R/3 Interfacing Using BAPIs; A Practical Guide to Working within the SAP Business Framework with CDROM

The ABAP Developer's Guide to Java (SAP Press)
Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers (Foundations)
Enterprise Java for SAP
JAVA Programming With the SAP Web Application Server (Hardcover)

SAP Visual Basic
Professional Visual Basic SAP R/3 Programming
SAP R/3 Data Integration Techniques using ABAP/4 and Visual Basic

SAP Web Programming
Web Programming with the SAP Web Application Server

SAP NetWeaver
SAP NetWeaver Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP NetWeaver Certification Review
SAP Netweaver MDM: Master Data Management Certification: SAP MDM FAQ
SAP NetWeaver For Dummies
SAP NetWeaver Roadmap

SAP Tcodes
SAP R/3 Transaction Codes: SAP R3 FICO, HR, MM, SD, Basis Transaction Code Reference

SAP Financial Accounting
SAP FI/CO Questions & Answers (with CD-ROM)
SAP R/3 FI Transactions
SAP FICO Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP FICO Certification Review
Configuring SAP R/3 FI/CO: The Essential Resource for Configuring the Financial and Controlling Modules
SAP Account Determination
New General Ledger in SAP ERP Financials
SAP Foreign Currency Revaluation: FAS 52 and GAAP Requirements
SAP(R) R/3(R) Financial Accounting: Making It Work For Your Business
Using Sap R/3 Fi: Beyond Business Process Reengineering

SAP Controlling
The 123s of ABC in SAP: Using SAP R/3 to Support Activity-Based Costing

SAP BW Certification
SAP BW Certification: A Business Information Warehouse Study Guide
SAP BW Ultimate Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Saw BW Certification Review

SAP Business Information Warehouse
201 Interview Questions: SAP Business Warehouse Information
SAP BW Ultimate Cookbook: SAP BW Basic Settings and Configuration Guide
SAP BW: A Step by Step Guide
Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver
SAP and BW Data Warehousing: How to Plan and Implement
SAP BW Professional
Business Information Warehouse for SAP
Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse
SAP BW Data Modeling
SAP BW Data Retrieval: Mastering the ETL Process
SAP BW Reporting And Analysis

SAP Supply Chain Management
SAP SCM Interview Questions Answers and Explanations: SAP Supply Chain Management Certification Review
SAP R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding Enterprise Supply Chain Management (2nd Edition)
Supply Chain Management Based on SAP Systems

SAP Materials Management
SAP MM-Functionality and Technical Configuration
SAP MM Certification and Interview Questions: SAP MM Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
Instant Access: Sap Reference for Materials Management
Administering Sap R/3 : Mm-Materials Managment Modules

SAP Sales and Distribution
Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution
SAP SD Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
Sales and Distribution With Sap: Making Sap Sd Work for Your Business
Instant Access: SAP, Reference for Sales and Distribution
Sales and Inventory Planning with SAP APO

SAP Customer Relationship Management
SAP CRM Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Customer Relationship Management Certification Review
mySAP CRM: The Offcial Guide to SAP CRM Release 4.0

SAP Production Planning
Production Plannning and Control with SAP
SAP MM / PP Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Production Planning Certification
Production Planning with SAP APO-PP/DS
Administering SAP R/3: The Production and Planning Modules

SAP APO Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP APO Certification Review
Supply Chain Management with APO
Real Optimization with SAP APO
The SAP APO Knowledge Book - Supply and Demand Planning

SAP Plant Maintenance
SAP PM Interview Questions, Answers, And Explanations: Sap Plant Maintenance Certification Review
SAP(R) R/3(R) Plant Maintenance: Making It Work for Your Business
Enterprise Asset Management : Configuring and Administering SAP R/3 Plant Maintenance

SAP Service Management
Inter-Organizational Cooperation With Sap Systems: Perspectives on Logistics and Service Management (Sap Excellence)

SAP Quality Management
Quality Management with SAP
SAP(R) R/3(R) Quality Management: Making It Work for Your Business
SAP QM Interview Questions, Answers, Explanations: SAP Quality Management Certification Review

SAP Project Management
SAP PS FAQ: SAP Project Systems Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
Project Management with SAP(R) R/3(R)
SAP Consulting and Project Management (Book/CD-ROM package)

SAP Human Resource
Mysap HR Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP HR Certification Review
Mastering HR Management with SAP
mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming
HR Personnel Planning and Development Using SAP
Practical SAP US Payroll

SAP Certification for MM, SD, PP, FI, CO
Sap R/3 Certification Exam Guide

SAP Travel Management
Business Process Redesign in Travel Management in an SAP R/3 Upgrade Project [DOWNLOAD: PDF]

SAP Retail Industry
SAP IS-Retail Interview Questions: SAP IS-Retail Certification Review
Retail Information Systems Based on SAP Products

SAP Basis Administration
SAP Basis Certification Questions: Basis Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations
SAP Basis Administration for Windows
SAP R/3 System Administration : The Official SAP Guide
System Administration Made Easy, 4.6C/D
Basis Administration for SAP
SAP(R) R/3(R) Administration
SAP R/3 Administrator's Handbook
SAP R/3 Administration For Dummies

SAP Electronic Data Interchange
ALE, EDI, and IDoc Technologies for SAP
SAP Exchange Infrastructure for Developers
SAP XI Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: SAP Exchange Infrastructure Certification Review
SAP Exchange Infrastructure: The official guide to integrating business processes using SAP XI technology
SAP XI Transaction Codes, Tables, and Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Transport
Sap R/3 Change and Transport Management: The Official Sap Guide (Official Sap Guide)

SAP Archiving
Archiving your SAP Data
Efficient SAP R/3-Data Archiving : How to Handle Large Data Volumes

SAP Authorizations
R/3 Authorization Made Easy 4.6A/B
SAP Authorization System: Design and Implementation of Authorization concepts for SAP R/3 and SAP Enterprise Portals

SAP Security
Security and Data Protection for SAP Systems

SAP Operating System and Performance Fine Tuning
SAP Performance Optimization Guide , Third Edition
SAP System Landscape Optimization
SAP Hardware Solutions : Servers, Storage and Networks for
Network Resource Planning For SAP R/3, BAAN IV, and PeopleSoft: A Guide to Planning Enterprise Applications

SAP Oracle
Oracle SAP Administration (O'Reilly Oracle)
SAP R/3 and Oracle: Backup & Recovery

SAP Microsoft
Implementing Sap R/3 Using Microsoft Cluster Server
SAP Database Administration with Microsoft SQL Server 2000
SAP(R) R/3(R) and Windows NT

A Holistic Approach to a Reliable Infrastructure for Sap R/3 on Aix

SAP Linux
Sap on DB2 Udb for Os/390 and Z/OS: Implementing Application Servers on Linux for Zseries

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