Friday, May 2, 2008

SAP ABAP interview questions

SAP ABAP interview questions with no answers
1. What are the various compoents of SAP XI?
2. Define Integaration Builder.
3. What is Software Component Version.
4. Explain IR and ID.
5. What is data type, message type, Message Interface, etc.
6. What is context handling?

SAP ABAP frequent questions cheatsheet
1. How do you call SAP script in reports & reports in SAP script?
2. What is different between SAP script & reports?
3. What is stack?
4. What is the defination of ALE RFC?
5. Why is BAPI required? How about BDC?
6. What happens if I use control break statement in between select & endselect?
7. What is lock Object

SAP/ABAP interview questions
1. Type of table?
2. Events of module pool?
3. Events of interactive report?

Simple SAP ABAP questions
1. What is the diffrence between watchpoint and breakpoint?
2. How many watchpoints and breakpoints can be used in each program?
3. Types of watchpoints and breakpoints?

SAP ABAP interview questions
1. What is an ABAP data dictionary?- ABAP 4 data dictionary describes the logical structures of the objects used in application development and shows how they are mapped to the underlying relational database in tables/views.
2. What are domains and data element?- Domains:Domain is the central object for describing the technical characteristics of an attribute of an business objects. It describes the value range of the field. Data Element: It is used to describe the semantic definition of the table fields like description the field. Data element describes how a field can be displayed to end-user.
3. What is foreign key relationship?- A relationship which can be defined between tables and must be explicitly defined at field level. Foreign keys are used to ensure the consistency of data. Data entered should be checked against existing data to ensure that there are now contradiction. While defining foreign key relationship cardinality has to be specified. Cardinality mentions how many dependent records or how referenced records are possible.

SAP Interview Questions
1. What is ERP? - ERP is a package with the techniques and concepts for the integrated management of business as a whole, for effective use of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise. Initially, ERP was targeted for manufacturing industry mainly for planning and managing core business like production and financial market. As the growth and merits of ERP package ERP software is designed for basic process of a company from manufacturing to small shops with a target of integrating information across the company.
2. Different types of ERP? - SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Siebel, PeopleSoft. Among all the ERP’s most of the companies implemented or trying to implement SAP because of number of advantages aver other ERP packages.
3. What is SAP? - SAP is the name of the company founded in 1972 under the German name (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) is the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package.

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